Governance & Leadership

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees at ý is responsible for the governance of the School and oversees its strategic direction, while ensuring the values of the School are upheld.

Brad Beasley

Board Chairman

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Mark Birkbeck

Board Member

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Debbie Clayton AM

Board Member

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Regina Connell

Board Member

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Lee Di Milia

Board Member

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Josie Volck

Board Member

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David Robertson

Board Member

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The Board comprises of seven (7) members (Trustees) appointed by the Queensland State Governor in Council, of whom four (4) are members nominated by the Minister for Education and three (3) are elected by qualified donors to the School. Only persons listed on the Register of Donors and Subscribers are eligible to nominate for election as a Trustee and vote in the election. Trustees serve the School on a voluntary basis.

ý Trustees bring a wide breadth of knowledge across a variety of fields and industries including law, academia, business, health, agriculture and international relations. 

ý Board of Trustees was first constituted on 4 October 1878. The Board operates under the Grammar Schools Act 2016 and is a Statutory Body of the Queensland Government, within the meaning given in the Financial Accountability Act 2009 and is subject to audit by the Queensland Audit Office. The Minister for Education is responsible for the administration of the Grammar Schools Act 2016. 

The Board members currently are:

Mr. B. V. R. Beasley (Chairman) – Subscriber Member

Mr. M. J. Birkbeck (Deputy Chairman) – Subscriber Member

Emeritus Professor D. J. Clayton AM – Nominee of the Minister

Mrs R. Connell – Nominee of the Minister

Dr. V. Di Milia – Nominee of the Minister

Mr. D. Robertson – Nominee of the Minister

Mrs. J. M. Volck – Subscriber Member

Forward Together: Our Strategic Pathway

Election Information

The following information provides an explanation of some of the procedures for an election.

The School is constituted under the Queensland Grammar Schools Act 2016, (the Act). Overall responsibility for the management and control of the School is vested in the Board of Trustees appointed under the Act.

Only persons listed on the Register of Donors and Subscribers are eligible to nominate for election as a Trustee and to vote in the election. Trustees serve the School on a voluntary basis.  To be entered on the register and be eligible to vote in an election, a person needs to have donated or subscribed $50.00 or more to the School.

Amendments to the Act in 2004 changed the voting eligibility so that donations received after 1 January 2005 will only entitle the donor to vote in the electoral cycle immediately following that donation.  Donors to the School prior to that date are entitled to vote in all future elections. The most recent electoral cycle was 22 June 2017 to 24 March 2022.

To register as a subscriber, please complete the Registration as a Donor or Subscriber  and return it with your payment of at least $50.00 to the School, or register and make your payment  (please select "Donations and Appeals"). Donations can also be made with cash or through the EFTPOS facilities at the School Office. As donations are deposited to the Education Fund or Building Fund, amounts of $2.00 or more will be tax deductible.

The donated monies will be used by the Board to help fund the 1881 Endowment programme, or the School building development programme (as indicated by the donor).

The present Board’s term of appointment expires on 2 August 2027.

If you would like more information about the Board of Trustees and the election of the Subscriber Trustees, please contact Board Secretary, Karryn Johnson, email - boardsecretary@rgs.qld.edu.au.